Pond Liners

Pond Liners

We are an eminent organization that is engaged in supplying, wholesaling, trading and distributing Pond Liners. Made using quality material, these films are provided to customers in various sizes, lengths and thicknesses at most competitive prices. Moreover, these films are delivered at customers’ premises within the committed time frame.


  • Chemical resistant
  • Resistant to abrasion
  • High tensile strength

Why pond lining:

These reservoirs and ponds are located in a variety of soil types which exhibit a wide range of seepage characteristics Because of seepage, the water level of the reservoirs and tanks depletes rapidly see page losses not only mean loss of useful water but also lead to other problems such as breach in the embankment, water logging and increased salinity in adjacent are as With appropriate lining of reservoirs, ponds, canals the seepage loss can be minimized

The Lining film:

Lining film is a revolutionary concept in water management which dramatically reduces seepage loss at a reasonable cost Lining film is tough, multilayer, wide width, black, low density polyethylene (LDPE) film by the latest Co-extrusion blown film technique it is available in various widths (4 to 10 metres) and thicknesses (100 to 250 microns)The ESSEN’s Pond / Canal Lining film has excellent mechanical properties which meets the specifications for LDPE films as per IS:2508-1984 Moreover its multilayer structure significantly improves the film properties like impact strength, tear resistance, flex crack resistance, environmental stress cracking resistance, etc. ESSEN's Multilayer Lining film has excellent water barrier properties (practically nil water permeation), very good blend of physical properties such as tensile-impact strength coupled with good weather ability and chemical resistance properties


  • Ensure a good dressing before laying the film Ensure that the film handling is minimum Ensure that the jointing of the film is done by heat sealing at the site itself and the seals are proper enough to not allow the leakages Ensure that the brick as well as cement mortar is of the right specification Recommended ratio of cement sand is 1:4 for bricks lining Ensure a systematic procedural follow up and the use of right quality material and good workmanship Make a judicious selection of type of lining to be adopted which are site specific. Wherever percolation is essential for recharging of ground water, Lining film should not be used


  • Don't drag the film Don't walk on the film while it is being laid, and once it is laid, don't expose it to sharp objects or rough handling Avoid exposure of the film to sunlight


  • Thickness: 100 to 1500 Micron
  • Width: 2 meter to 5 meter (Lay Flat) Meter to 10 meter (Open Width)
  • Color: Black, Blue or Any Colour
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